Creative Business Planning Incorporated (Creative) is a results oriented Business and Strategic Planning Company that provides financial acumen and financial maturity ® to the owners of small businesses. Our focus is on cash flow.

We all recognize that it is impossible to predict the future with any degree of accuracy. At Creative, we know that we to have the future we seek, we must create it.

CREATIVE’s strategic planning strategies are designed with your future in mind. As your best choice among results-oriented small business specialists, we provide the Financial Maturity® and financial acumen you need to reach your future and realize your dream.

The Creative Solution


Creating Accountability

Minimizing Risk

Maximizing Results

Large or small, your company’s financial stability and growth require comprehensive business and strategic planning. Your cash flow systems must keep you afloat. Your cost projections must accurately predict and prepare you for new opportunities even before they appear. Your decision makers must know the ramifications and risks involved in each new venture before undertaking them.

CREATIVE can provide you with the tools you need to create your company’s future. We offer cash flow management, identifying and analysis of new growth opportunities, collaboration and co-developing of business and strategic plans and pricing models and major contract negotiation. We have the experience and expertise to conduct due diligence and structure and packaging opportunities for financing.

CREATIVE can provide the financial analysis and financial risk assessment necessary to make prudent business decisions. We can position and packages clients for various stages of financing and assists clients in the negotiations of financing terms with Investors, Bankers, Finance Companies, Private Investors, Venture Capitalists and Investment Bankers.

CREATIVE can help you create the future your business was meant to enjoy. All you have to do is contact us. Now!

CREATIVE’S principal, Morris Bocian, has acted as financial advisor in successful transactions valued at over two hundred and fifty million dollars. He has also negotiated and/or restructured over $150,000,000 of indebtedness.

CREATIVE continues to act as a Chief Financial Officer and/or Member of the Board of Advisors for several companies.

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